Eine Plattform für Schweizer Grafikerinnen und Fotografen

A platform for Swiss graphic designers and photographers

The graphic design scene in Switzerland has a lot to offer! Big names are based in Lucerne, Zurich and Bern, but many young talents are springing up who do outstanding work, but whose work often remains trapped in the digital world and often goes unseen.

Plakativ.store wants to change that. The joint venture between kurzbild and NEUM Collective gives young designers a stage where they can upload their work, where their work can be seen and where they can earn good money with their art. Because: All posters are printed on demand in an environmentally friendly manner, and every sale generates a direct profit of 20 francs for the designer - that's a record in the industry. 

«(...)Because we don't focus on profit. It's not about doing a short-lived e-commerce business, this is a platform for Swiss and later European artists whose great work wants to be seen» says Dino Reichmuth, founder of Plakativ.

the Plakativ Store is a C2C platform where artists upload their work and fans and consumers can then order posters to enhance their homes. The system is as simple as it is ingenious, and fully automated. The printing is handled by a third party, the whole thing is inexpensive and optimized, so that the posters can be purchased at a very fair price.

The store has been online since the end of March 2022 and has already triggered a first wave of enthusiasm. “The fan base is still limited to a few hundred people, but we are overwhelmed by how many artists are already there and are happy for the artists how many sales we received on the first weekend after the launch.” says Dino Reichmuth.