Temps Triste: Wenn jugendlicher Humor auf philosophischen Tiefgang und künstlerisches Talent trifft

Temps Triste: When youthful humor meets philosophical depth and artistic talent

«Temps Triste» is a Swiss-French graphic designer and illustrator who presents his work here on Plakativ.store. We took a close look at the artist's work and what is behind Temps Triste's bright illustrations.

His name – which means “sad times” in German – could suggest more dramatic, provocative art. However, this fallacy is exposed as such at first glance at his work. 

His works impress with a rich color world – often neatly nuanced with highlights and shadows – mostly clear, black lines and always playful motifs. It is drawn by hand. The compositions often arise spontaneously and follow creative rules only to a limited extent; according to the personal lifestyle of the artist.

One gets the impression that designing is a meditative occupation for the artist. The viewer can literally feel how a characteristic way of thinking - a very personal, differentiated world view - is reflected in the works.
Looking at his work is comparable to getting to know his person. In the first impression very humorous, youthful and playful; on closer examination, surprisingly reflected, clarified, interested and looking at the world in a very unique way. 

Long story short: The artworks of «Temps Triste» convince on all levels and are successful pieces of contemporary art that combine visual uniqueness, humour, a high degree of personality and playful depth.


Zu den Werken von Temps Triste!