Aina Aliotta und Michaela Sattler

Aina Aliotta (23) and Michaela Sattler (23) are highly versatile and experienced art educators.

The book "Glitch feminism" served as a source for this first collaboration, which shows the mutual recognition and exploration of one's own identity.

These stills are a selection of their favourite moments from their video performance "skin". With expertise in performative tools, the artists deliver an honest and raw insight into their own body image. How are bodies read? Who defines the material of the body?

"The glitch is for those selves joyfully immersed in the in-between"

Their performance was displayed in the Schauspielhaus Zürich at the "Performers Rule: Rest-Zeit-Story", shown at the Dynamo and hung in the corridors of the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.

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