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You make the art, we take care of the rest.

With Plakativ we want to create a sales platform that enables artists to offer their works to a wide audience as posters with little effort. And that without having to think about website printing, packaging or shipping.

This is intended to give Swiss artists – whether they are beginners, newcomers or well-known luminaries – the opportunity to also physically distribute their work.

Revival of the physical poster

In a digitized world, we want to contribute to a revival of the physical poster, which defies the rapid vitality of endless scrolling and thus offers art the respect it deserves.

Swiss Art

Since our launch in February 2022, we have been busy curating new artists and inspiring new fans for our artists. The community is growing day by day, enriching our private and professional network. At the same time, more and more customers have access to a steadily growing range of authentic Swiss art.