Become a Plakativ Artist

With Plakativ you have the opportunity to offer your existing work to a wide audience in an attractive and uncomplicated way without having to worry about printing, packaging and shipping. And you earn something too!

Neue Künstler:innen werden in Form von Artist-Drops released. Zusammen mit anderen Künstler:innen werden deine Arbeiten für eine limitierte Zeit auf unserer Plattform erhältlich sein. Danach werden nurnoch die besten Werke unbegrenzt verfügbar bleiben.

Submit your images using the above interface with at least 5000 pixels on the longer sides as JPG or PNG (landscape or portrait). We take over the print preparation for you and set your Plakativ portfolio up.

20 CHF15 CHFA1A2A310 CHF

For every A1 poster sold, you will receive CHF 20 transferred to your account (A2: CHF 15, A3: CHF 10). With the rest we finance the production costs, shipping and packaging, marketing and IT, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

You share the sales rights to your images with Plakativ, and will be compensated with the revenue share mentioned above. Of course, you can also sell your work yourself at the same time. More about this in our terms and conditions.

Spread the word! Our most successful artists generate the majority of their sales through shoutouts on their own channels. So it's worth telling your friends on Instagram and Co about your portfolio out loud.

If one of your posters is sold, you will immediately receive a notification by e-mail. The accumulated proceeds will be credited to your bank account at the end of the month.